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Fire and Stone - Music by Eddie Patin

The Amateur Journey to Professional Music

Welcome to the official band page for "Fire and Stone".

Fire and Stone is a unique form of rock music (progressive, alternative, anti-folk ... whatever), composed and recorded entirely by myself, Eddie Patin. Since 2004, I have written dozens of songs, and from time to time I record one of them with a plethora of recording gear in my amateur home studio, with ever-increasing skill in mixing, balancing, and composition. Many times, I also utilize my experience in graphic design and video editing, and make new recordings into MUSIC VIDEOS.

To date, Fire and Stone has recorded 17 songs, some also viewable as videos, all of which are available to the public for free enjoyment at this time.

On to the show:

On this website, you'll find links to the following areas:
  • About Eddie Patin & Fire and Stone
    This page will tell you more about myself and the band, my music's influences, the history of my compositions, and my quest for making professional quality music and creating beauty for the world.

  • How is the Music Recorded?
    The journey from making basic, amateur music laid over canned drum tracks, up through advancing my skill with my equipment, changing my technology over the years, up to near-professional quality today, and beyond. Learn about the gear I used (and have used in the past), and my plan to attain professional quality through learning as I go.

  • Online MUSIC and Music VIDEOS
    The good stuff. Here you'll find links to each recorded song of Fire and Stone, learn a little of the background of each song, technical notes in their production, and have access to the lyrics while you listen. You can either listen to the embedded mp3's, or where available, watch and listen to a thematic music video with lyrics built in. Songs listed are seperated between the songs intended for my original album concept (from 2005), and more recent songs not yet applied to a particular album.

  • The Future for Fire and Stone
    My plans. Where does my music go from here? Either a record label will enable me to devote all of my time (and their resources) to the quality production and marketing of Fire and Stone, or the world will have to wait a little longer for me to finally produce and publish a final product on my own. One way or the other, Fire and Stone will one day see the light. Record labels and talent scouts / managers will want to read this page.

  • Contact Fire and Stone
    Feel free to contact me about anything.

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